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Leona the 1955 IH Metro Mobile Bar

Leona is a mobile bar, coffee station, dessert bar, you-name-it, that serves out of a 1955 International Harvester Metro Van. She comes fully equipped with a refrigerator, sink, 2 beer taps, and more! She will roll up into your event and instantaneously add an extra wow to it. Leona comes fully stocked with all the bar accessories needed, along with decor and great bartenders. Simply provide the alcohol you want served, and we will handle the rest. Leona can also be a coffee or dessert bar, complete with its own barista. We are raising the bar on having a great party!








Alcoholic Beverages

At every event, Leona arrives with professional bartenders and the most unique bar set up. She is designed to hold all of your cocktail ingredients, while providing a memorable focal point. Vintage Follies is not licensed to sell alcohol. We simply serve what the host has purchased for the event.  We do provide everything to accompany your liquor selection such as mixers, stirs, straws, cups, napkins, ice and garnishes, in our "Beverage Package". We also serve some fantastic cocktails WITHOUT alcohol!

Event Packages

All our packages come with LEONA of course, which can be customized to the theme/colors of your event, 2 bartenders, We come in, set-up, serve, clean-up and pull away. This gives the host less to do and more to enjoy. We've got some great ideas to share with you on prepping Leona's site.  We also know that every event is different,  so all the packages can be customized to fit your occasion. 

"Beverage Package"

Often guest request non-alcoholic beverages also. We strongly recommend adding a beverage station to your event. Our Beverage Packages offer the following choices:

  • Infused Water 
  • Lemonade
  • Sweet and Un-Sweetened Teas
  • Soft Drinks
  • Served from a beautiful beverage station

Custom Drink Menu

  A custom drink menu will be created and displayed for your guest. We get together with the host and come up with the perfect drink menu to fit the crowd and occasion.  Whether it be a drink menu, coffee bar menu, or choices of desserts to be served from Leona, we have artist that make the best signs around. Drink menus are included with all the bartender packages. Leona also has a  large announcement chalk board waiting to be customized.

Signature Cocktail Creation

Let us help you create a signature cocktail to kick-off your special event! If you don't already have a favorite, We can suggest to you several signature cocktail options that would pair with your event's theme and menu. We can also provide a non-alcoholic beverage menu including; coffee and tea's, sodas, iced teas, fruit-infused water and lemonades. 


Hiring a bartender can control your guest's liquor pours and consumption compared to just having a self service bar area. It also takes stress off the host. Our bartenders are guaranteed to be great at any event.

Lloyd comes with  full-time fabulously fun attendants who  ensure that everything goes smoothly and functions properly. We may suggest more attendants depending on the size of the event.


Leona is 6' ft wide x 16' ft long and 8' high. The bus requires flat ground for set-up and service, and a clear access upon set-up and break down to enter and leave the location. Access to an electrical outlet within 100 ft. A generator can be provided at an extra cost. We begin set-up 2 hours before the scheduled start time. We can serve on private property. If you choose the SELFIE package,  we will drop off Leona an hour before the start of your event, and come pick her up at the end.


Vintage Follies knows that presentation is important, just look at Leona! Leona cleans up very nicely, and will come fancied up for your occasion. Also the bartenders will have black/white shirts with our signature apron. We can also customize our aprons to match your event, which takes it up a notch even more. We would love to wear your company logo or colors, please let us know what we can do to support your event.


Everythings a little better with Extras.             Vintage Follies offers:

  • CUSTOMIZED disposable cups, (a minimum 3 week notice is required)
  • Wide mouth mason jars really add a touch of comfort to the event.
  • Stemware (cleaning service included)
  • CUSTOMIZED aprons that match the event theme/color, adds a dash more.
  • Customized chalk board announcing your event.
  • Contact us to hear about all of them!


All packages can be customized to fit the quantity and type of event.

Leona    1955 International Harvester Metro Mobile Bar


Please Contact Us

with your event details

'55  METRO Mobile Bar

2 Outstanding Bartenders 

2 Beer Keg Taps

 Beverage Refrigerator 

Large Customizable Chalk Board** 

Customized Drink Menus

Reusable Disposable Drink-ware

All Paper Goods...Napkins, stir sticks...etc

** Many Extra's can be purchased with this package.

* Prices vary with distance

Will travel anywhere in the U.S.


Please Contact Us

with your event details

5 hr session **

 '55 METRO Mobile Bar

2 Fabulous Bartenders

Beer and Wine Service

2 Beer Keg Taps

Beverage Refrigerator

Large Customized Chalk Board

Customized Drink Menu

Reusable Disposable Drink-ware

All the ICE needed

All Paper Goods.....Napkins, stir sticks...etc

** Additional hours can be added

**Many extras can be added to this package


Custom "Beverage Packages"  **

Coffee Packages

Cold Drink Beverage Station

Custom Signature Drinks

Famous Blackberry Sangria

Stem Ware **

Customized Disposable Cups **

Large Customized Sandwich Board

Additional Serving Hours **

Additional Bartenders **

** Prices vary upon size and quantity

Travel Fees


What our customers are saying

The Metro was the unique aspect that really made my wedding come together! My guests loved it and we were able to work with Vintage Follies and add some personalized touches and we made it look custom-made just for our special day! Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without it !

Caresse Regan - Apex 2017  Bride

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